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Biblioteca del Consiglio regionale Teca del Mediterraneo

  • VIa Giulio Petroni Bari (BA)
  • Tel. 080 5402788
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Location segnalata da: Progedit - Progetti editoriali srl

Teca of the Mediterranean, Multimedia Library and Documentation Centre of the Regional Council of Puglia, which specializes in law, economics and finance, organization and management, public policy and political science, is open to the public without restriction, by adhering to the UNESCO Public Library Manifesto. The mission pursued is summarized in the motto:

"Knowledge increases capacity"

Teca means that the Mediterranean will contribute to social welfare by improving the skills and opportunities of individuals, led by knowledge.

Teca of the Mediterranean has an intense activity of interlibrary cooperation and practice a broad international outlook, particularly with reference to the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Teca del Mediterraneo is reached at its headquarters located in Via Giulio Petroni, 19 A, 70124 Bari


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